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Prepare to be transported: to another time and place. Nestled in the renowned Old Southwest area of Reno is the Stone House Café. Three generations of Abowds have grown local restaurants into a successful hospitality brand recognized throughout Northern Nevada and the Stone House Café is the latest creation. In a distinct 1900’s stone house perched on the corner of two thoroughfares, Paul Abowd created a timeless and impeccably appointed establishment. His concept was one born out of love—love of food, love of being the best and bringing the best to the customer, love of the never-ending challenge and love for one woman, his beloved wife Adele and her vision. The Stone House is almost an homage to her.


The Abowds were getting innovative with food before it was cool. Paul and Cyrina’s vision to touch each person through total commitment, respect for not only the clientele but also the food, can be felt at every turn. His daughter, Cyrina has taken the reigns and like her mother, Adele, provides true service and devotion with sincere passion in her every step, and there are many.

The Stone House offers up consistently delectable and ever-changing offerings in an elegant atmosphere. Chef Jorge Flores and wife Maria celebrate the seasonal bounty picked from local farms and with Cyrina are developing new sensational specials daily.

The outdoor dining has been taken to another level thoughout the spacious patio. It’s a beautiful scene where diners and drinkers nestle amongst all manner of trees, flowers, plants and even a decades old Mulberry tree. The different sections transport you to a bistro in Versailles, a café in Tahoe or a garden in Monterey. This is distinctive al fresco dining found nowhere else.

Every day at the Stone House is a celebration of tradition and innovation in every bite. Experience speaks for itself. One taste of anything on the menu will make diners want to get to know the rest of the menu better. Whether you are stopping in for a glass of red, mimosas with the girls or settling in for a romantic meal or family dinner, the Stone House hits the spot.

Mission Statement:

“Where our curiosity is absolute. Where excitement of what we do is forever changing and learning never ends. These challenges we do accept. For you are whom we must please”.

-Paul Abowd
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